I'm João Lopes, and I am a web designer.

In this site you'll be able to view and experience a showcase of my work. All of the work presented here is either of my authorship or collaboration for specific projects and clients.
These works were hand-picked to express my style, design choices and evolution throughout my design career.


I have always been passionate about this line of work. I have been working with web content and doing web design since I was 14.

I decided to use my skills and improve them by undertaking Multimedia Graphics BA in Staffordshire University. In that course I learned how to use a wide range of tools in order to achieve specific goals, centred on web-design and multimedia production. The Multimedia Graphics course had modules that taught or helped us gain experience about different situations and how to achieve simple solutions to complicated problems.

While studying in the course and doing freelance work, I gained experience about working and being part of teams, and also taking different roles within those teams. During the course of my studies and work I learned how to use Content Management Systems and building websites according to W3C Standards, with usability and accessibility in mind.

I am quite experienced in graphics and motion graphics development software, like the Adobe suite: Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere and After Effects.

I am also proficient in web-based scripting languages. I have an advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS, PHP. I have some experience with actionscript for Adobe Flash, and a basic knowledge of javascript and its derived modules, like jQuery. The software I have used more often, regarding this area, is Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash, as well as Notepad. I have also worked with a few different content management systems such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and am aware of the limitations and differences between each one of them.

During the course of my MA in Design Management, I acquired knowledge of Project Management, Marketing, Innovation and Development, and above all leadership skills and team communication within businesses in general, as well as between design teams and management. In this year I took the opportunity of studying different fields and looking at web design from several different perspectives, keeping efficiency and deliverance a priority.

I have worked for different clients, from individuals to big businesses, had to work with other teams as well as by myself, and were always able to deliver good results, as combination of frequent communication and planning. This in conjunction with my academic work helped me gain the habit of working with deadlines and schedules.

I surf the web regularly and am always making sure my knowledge and skills are up to date by reading and frequenting websites related to my field of work as well as IT and science..

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