• Link panels

    Browser addon / extension: Open links and videos in separate windows.


    Link panels

  • Bamf!

    Comic book reader built using Vue.



  • Minesweeper

    Minesweeper game written in javascript for training purposes.



  • Ski Free

    Skifree clone built in Javascript


    Ski Free

  • Pie Atom Theme

    My own personal atom theme, with a 80's revivalism feel.


    Pie Atom Theme

  • Pie Wordpress slack

    Send messages to Slack when an event happens on WordPress.


    Pie Wordpress slack

JL has ingenious web skills with an eye for web design. He is instrumental in translating the ideas from the marketing team to the web. Thanks to his great awareness of the latest technologies and design trends, he always comes up with innovative approaches to bring our pages to life.
Known for his calmness and โ€˜can doโ€™ attitude under pressure,
he would always deliver exemplary work.
JL is intensely interested in multimedia
-- to the point of missing sleep.
He has a good technical grasp of web design.

Highly articulate and erudite, JL is a true professional within the creative and cultural industries.

He is a talented individual where creativity, acute problem solving skills and the ability to communicate complex ideas are his main forte.