About Me

This is me. J Lopes.This is me. J Lopes.

Hi, I'm João.

Web Developer / Designer / Writer.

I like to develop cool sh■t using JS

and CSS
Frameworks. The recipes are then baked and put in the oven with
and served on a platter with

Born in the highlands of Portugal, studied in the midlands of England, lived and worked for a minute in the awesomelands of Belgium. Currently living and working in the south lakes of the northwest of England.

With a passion for (un)organized metholodogies and revelling on the chaotic orderly fashions of teamwork, I strive to achieve the fabled acme. Hey, like lightning striking twice in the same spot, it happens sometimes!

Things I love: Travelling; Books; Music; Earworms; Epiphanies; Family; Meeting someone with the same level of geek, and suddenly we have our own private connection; Realizing that sometimes the abyss stares back at you, and it is inept; The sound of waves. The smell of the ocean, and fireplaces. The sound seagulls make; The first summer dive on the beach...